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We offer a full range of family medicine practices:

  • Management of acute and chronic medical conditions for patients of all ages

  • Childhood developmental assessment and vaccinations

  • Adult vaccinations and pre-travel consultation

  • Gynecological consultation and investigations

  • Basic and advanced general health screening for men and women

  • Minor surgical procedures such as toilet and suture, removal of small lumps, incision and drainage

  • Cryotherapy and removal of viral warts

  • Medical examination for employment passes, work permits, school entry, insurance application, driving license renewal, etc.

We provide a wide range of enhanced services covering both diagnostic and therapeutic fronts.

Outpatient phlebotomy and intravenous therapy service

Our doctors and nurses are trained to provide phlebotomy (blood taking) and intravenous cannulation for adults and children. The in-house phlebotomy service reduces the need for patients who require blood tests to travel to a designated laboratory. For patients with non-complicated acute conditions which require intravenous therapies such as infusion of antibiotics, drugs and hydration, we provide outpatient intravenous service at their convenience.

Coordination of comprehensive laboratory, advanced diagnostic imaging service, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, treadmill stress ECG test, echocardiography and 24 Holter ECG

Comprehensive range of laboratory service as well as imaging services can be scheduled at your convenience at the same location of the clinic at Farrer Park Hospital. Imaging services include General Radiography, Ultrasound Imaging, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Digital Mammography (Micro dose Mammography with lower radiation), Fluoroscopy, Bone Densitometry and Interventional Radiology. Farrer Park Hospital offers molecular imaging with the latest Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography (PET/CT) and Single Proton Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT/CT) scanners. We have strong network of specialists who provide gastroscopy, colonoscopy, treadmill stress ECG , echocardiography and 24 hour Holter ECG for outpatient and health screen patients.

Advanced diagnostic health screening

Advanced diagnostic health screening including cancer screening with a problem-orientated and risk-based approach can be scheduled at your convenience. Ultrasound, mammography, 2 D echo, treadmill stress ECG, CT coronary angiogram, cardiac function studies, CT scan, MRI, gastroscopy and colonoscopy can be arranged with individualized health risk factors, family history and health concerns.

Advance arrangement of investigations for local and overseas patients via telephone or email

We accept advance booking of investigations before consultation to reduce waiting time between first consultation and investigations. Investigations may be changed or cancelled after doctor’s proper assessment at first consultation.

Quick referral to specialists

A strong network of specialist support from major private hospitals and medical centers to address patients’ specific health concerns. Same day specialist referral for emergency cases can be arranged.

Direct admission to private hospitals

Direct hospital admission to several private hospitals including Farrer Park Hospital can be arranged without going through unnecessary procedures to reduce waiting time.

Collaboration with hospital specialists


Seamless integrated health merging specialists care and general practice care after hospital discharge. Follow up of further treatment and surveillance investigations after hospital discharge can be done at patients’ preference.

Cashless direct billing service

Agreement with a range of global insurance groups, medical assistance companies, specialists and physiotherapists to offer a cashless direct billing service to our patients. Other insurance such as Japanese social insurance, self-claim insurance, and co-payment schemes could be arranged.

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